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My Name is Terri. I am the Founder and CEO of this company. It is my pleasure to help you on your lash journey with us.

In order to serve you at our highest levels I wanted to give you some valuable tips to help you make the best selection, so let's go!

Wearing false eyelashes style can take your look from special to spectacular but only if you choose the best style for yourself.

Quiz time! Do you know how many distinctive eyeshapes there are for humans? The answer is six. 

When you know what your correct eyeshape is, it will help you pick the best lash styles to compliment them. 

Now on to the fun part! There are two main styles of false eyelashes.

They are Round and Winged Styles.

Round lashes tend to be designed with the fullest part in the middle and the ends are always equally shaped. So that means it ends the same way it begins.

Winged lashes on the otherhand are generally narrow at the inner eye area. They continue to get longer and fuller towards the outer edge with a flair on the end.

Round false lashes are better suited for those persons with Hooded, Monolid or Downturned eyeshapes. They will give you the most pop for your peepers.

Winged false lashes are best for persons with Round or Upturned eyeshapes.

For those people that have an Almond eyeshape you can wear both styles.

Now that we've covered the basics of eyeshapes and styles I hope I have helped you pick your favorite new lash. 

No worries I'll be back with even more tips and tricks to help you elevate your look.  Now let's go! 


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