Its the construction for me!

Hey y’all,  Its Terri here will another question.

Is bigger better when it comes to false eyelashes? I ask that question because there seems to be the popular thing these days. 

I've seen alot of people wearing 25 millimeter lashes out and about for the lash year.  Don't get me wrong they do give you an exaggerated look but to an over the top level.  There is a huge difference between over the top and glam.

I personally love a glam look but over the top isn't my thing. That's why our lashes are constructed dimensionally so you get volume and length without all the extra.

Our 15 millimeter lashes feature a four dimensional construction and our 18 millimeters lashes have a six dimensional one for all the flair to spare. 

That's my time so check back soon for more tips and look out for a few video tutorials.

Bye for now!




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